Volvo Previewed The Concept XC Coupe

download (33)If you were one of those who went to the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, you probably already seen the three new automobiles in the Volvo line. These automobiles weren’t anything you have seen on the street or at one of the regional traders because they are concept vehicles. Even though they were developed to be put presented, they haven’t been given the go for manufacturing. One of those vehicles was the XC Coupe, which delivers together protection, design and the sport of style that creates Volvo what it is. If you weren’t one of those near to 838,000 who went to the auto show, you will discover the details on the vehicle below. The coupe has two doors, but there is space for four within. The car is also centered on the scalable architecture wherein all of the improvements for your vehicle are going to contain the three primary components that signify the Volvo product. As of yet, the power train details haven’t been launched on the coupe. Volvo isn’t even allowing individuals know if, let alone when, this vehicle will actually be created. It does fit within the history of the car maker, so it would appear sensible to drive it.


The XC Coupe is definitely a fantastic drive. The design of the car was depending on contemporary sports equipment from POC, which is a Swedish company that produces sports equipments for the most best of sportsmen. One of the first signs of just how fantastic the drive is that it comes with the 21-inch tires, which provide it with a highly effective look. Side moldings and skid plates help emphasize your vehicle further.

Power train

Even though Volvo isn’t launching what’s going to be under the hood, a big hint came from the sticker it had on it saying plug-in hybrid. When the details are launched, it wouldn’t be a shock if there are Eco-friendly functions that come with it.

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