Selling Your Old Car

sell carMost people become extremely attached to their cars, especially if they have had them for a few years. Then, if it develops a fault or is involved in an accident, it can be quite difficult to let it go. Very often, these cars sit on the driveway gathering dust and eventually becoming an eyesore. When it’s time to get a new car, you should consider letting go of your old one, according to CNN

What to Look For

The first thing that you need to be sure of is that the title of the car is in your name. If you have misplaced the title, you can get a replacement copy from your local DMV, as it is on record. Confirm you’re certain of the make, model and registration year of the car and list any changes that have been made to the engine.

Do all the research on the internet, making sure you know exactly what your car is worth. While you may not the highest price you see, offers you receive should at least be in the ballpark of the value indicated by your research.

Make sure you are honest about the condition of the car so you receive realistic offers. You can’t make an accurate comparison among buyers if you’re not painting a honest picture of your old car’s condition.

Don’t feel as if you have to make the decision immediately. If you feel intimidated by a buyer and he insists you make the decision there and then, consider going with someone else. Always confirm the identity of any buyer who offers to immediately take the car off your hands without any paperwork.

Do not allow anyone to take the car until the ownership has been properly transferred in your area. If the car is used for illegal activity while it’s still in your name, you’ll have to deal with the fallout.

Empty the car before handing it over. Even small pieces of paper can be used for identification fraud. While you don’t need to do a thorough cleaning, you’ll want to confirm all your personal property has been removed before giving it to the buyer.

Make sure that the company you use does all the paperwork for you if the car if being sent to the junkyard. Be aware of all the paperwork that needs doing and question them if it is not complete.

Car Buying Services
Reliable companies such as make sure that you get a good deal for your car. You can use the money towards new car and the old car will not end up gathering dust and becoming an eyesore on your property.

Most of these companies including junk cars would take cars that are as old as 1995 and will travel to California, Maryland, Texas, Washington DC and the surrounding areas, saving you the hassle and money of towing the car to them.

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