What Every Department Should Consider Before Buying a Fire Truck

Fire TruckPurchasing a fire truck is one of the most important considerations for any fire department. These vehicles are an integral part of any location and provide a vital function for firefighters. Several elements should be carefully looked at before buying a new or used addition from this category.

District Size
Some departments choose the wrong fire truck for their location because they fail to look at the population of a district. Large cities may not have the same issues of smaller or rural areas. Bigger vehicles could be easily caught in high traffic situations but prove necessary to assist emergencies that involve settings such as tall buildings. Rural locations have their own challenges. Calculating the amount of possible emergencies can help departments choose the right size for those situations. In many cases, a smaller vehicle will more than adequately address any issues among the areas with small populations.

Required Services
Understanding the necessary services as well as any other unique additions to a program helps a department in their purchase. According to the United States Fire Administration, “The leading specialized services provided include vehicle extrication (75 percent), fire/injury prevention and public education (60 percent), wildfire/urban-wildland interface (60 percent), and basic life support services (57 percent).” Areas that must deal with wildlife or forested locations may consider larger vehicles as well as options such as 4-wheel drive for harsh terrain. Cities or counties approaching a high level of vehicle extractions could consider fire trucks that can assist with this task. If possible, talk to those in the community to establish what they are looking for in their local fire department. This can also provide valuable feedback as well as positive exchange of details. Urban locations should search for selections that include ladders or cranes.

Many departments think that the best selections are new vehicles but pricing issues can often become a serious concern. This is especially true for small districts that face less funding through traditional methods. People who click here are already aware of the essential details that each group faces when choosing a budget for their next truck. Used selections may be a way to lower costs while showcasing a vehicle that will perform all of the necessary services for a particular area. Many dealerships that specialize in emergency vehicles offer both new and used fire trucks that will meet any needs while staying within a set spending limit. Officials from every fire department should communicate their desired spending limits to the proper authorities to prevent any issues at a later time.

Choosing a new or used fire truck is crucial for any fire department. The right selection can become a dedicated addition to any station. Many choices on the market address a wide range of considerations such as budget or necessary services. Simple research as well attention to common details can help any location find the best fire truck for their district.

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